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The Story Is Simple

We created some of the hottest NFT art in the industry
And made them even more valuable through real value
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The Intention Is Pure

NFT Holders Are Screened On Entry
And given training to act as a unit

MM #1 | Legendary

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The Key To A New Web3 World

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By owning a MM NFT you own a permanent seat in the Tier 7 network. A forever key to network & wealth vault.
Own an MM. Gain permanent access to a powerful network.
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It is a permanent asset, one with real value, for those looking to own a piece of the new world.
A brand, piece of art & a web3 product community key
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A world where real estate becomes virtual & virtual assets are ripe for giant appreciation.
You will find them in games, in virtual worlds & in portfolios
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MetaverseMonkeys Rank Explanations

All NFTS come with all of the core access featuers
The rarest ones have extra perks for industry leaders
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The Mission Is Clear

To attach the maximum value possible to each NFT
In order to increase the prosperity for every holder

The Brand Is Pristine

MetaverseMonkeys are more than art & Crypto.
They are a bespoke ownership brand for the new world
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