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Information on the creation, function & use of our NFTS



Our Story

We created some of the hottest NFT art in the industry & turned them into passes for a wealth creation network. Recognising the power of NFTS to turn ownership liabilities into assets, we quickly became an industry first mover
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MM #1 | Legendary

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The Key To A New Web3 World

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By owning a MM NFT you own a permanent seat in the Tier 7 network. A forever key to network & wealth vault.
Own an MM. Gain permanent access to a powerful network.
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It is a permanent asset, one with real value, for those looking to own a piece of the new world.
A brand, piece of art & a web3 product community key
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A world where real estate becomes virtual & virtual assets are ripe for giant appreciation.
You will find them in games, in virtual worlds & in portfolios

Quotes From Tier 7 Founder CryptoShadow

''The whole idea of these NFTS are to give permanent access into a real life squad. If you imagine an extraction shooter game, you buy the game, you login, you select a team & you battle it out against other teams to battle and extract resources. Tier 7 is the exact same idea, but instead, the NFT is the game pass & we are extracting real life money from the world. And our competition is everybody else''

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NFT Rank Explanations

All our NFTS come with core features. The rarer ones more appropriately suit founders.
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