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T i e r   7   C r y p t o

Trade Properly


Make Money

Learn how we extract money live from the Crypto markets & transform into a sniper trader

“I sign in for a market update, and sleep well knowing what to expect for the coming days. Primarily focused on risk management, with transparent and detailed trade setups so you can really learn and understand how its done. These guys know their shit 💯 ”



TIER 7 Testiomnial

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Learn To Trade Like Most Never Do

Tier 7 is a Crypto trading living room that demonstrates how to extract money out of the Crypto markets, using simple, step by step trading concepts.

For 2 years running we have demonstrated profitability 90% of months in a live environment.

Having transformed many traders using the Tier 7 method - we document this process for all to see. We make our plans, we share our trades & we give detailed commentary as we invest.

Tailored for well capitalized higher time frame traders - we take pride in our community having some of the best discretionary content in the field.



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Head Trader- Founder @ Tier 7.

- Strong verifiable track record

- 5 years + trading experience


Trading strengths:
Timing & consistency



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Market Scanner & Analyst
- History of finding great setups

- Known for his clean HTF views


Trading Strengths:
Presentation and Simplicity


What's Inside?

Full Explained Trades Setups And Investments

Quality Market Analysis & Trade Prep

Community, Support & Education

Video Streams & Debriefs

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Trade Setups As We Take Them

Swipe open your phone and learn by osmosis as we capture money from the market

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And Our Past Results Shows Why Our Opinion Matters

No outlandish claims.
Just consistent measurable growth.

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Evidence of historical trades presented on request.

Full refund if it's not for you after 48HRS.
Full transparency on our results