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Become A Professional Grade Crypto Trader | Learn To Employ Capital At Key Market Events

Been here for a long time... I learned everything and I know what I am doing. I have already convinced myself that I am now an a level to actually trade alone 🔥🔥🔥



TIER 7 Testiomnial

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Learn To Trade Like Most Never Do

Tier 7 is a Crypto trading living room that demonstrates how we extract money out of the Crypto markets, using methodical, higher time frame, step by step trading concepts.

For 2 years running we have demonstrated profitability in 90% of our running months in a live environment.

Having transformed many traders using the Tier 7 method - we document this process for all to see. Alongside an extensive educational library, we share our plans, we share our trades & we give detailed commentary as we extract money from the market.

Tailored strictly for well capitalized higher time frame traders - we take pride in our community having some of the best discretionary content in the field.



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Head Trader- Founder @ Tier 7.

- Strong verifiable track record

- 5 years + trading experience


Trading strengths:
Timing & consistency



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Market Scanner & Analyst
- History of finding great setups

- Known for his clean HTF views


Trading Strengths:
Presentation and Simplicity

Why We Are Different

"In the markets there are only two types of people. The robbed & those doing the robbing"

Most traders cannot profit, because they act and learn in a way that provides them with the illusion of progress.


They way out of this is through our principle based professional approach.

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High Quality Principles That Actually Work 

The common approach? Lower time frame trading, saturated methods, non existent planning & primitive risk knowledge.


Since the markets are a 0 sum game, we completely invert this - that's all you have to do.

An Approach That Inverts Classical Narratives

Our server contains many high net worth individuals. Many whom have reached these figures with us.


In order to progress properly, these are who you need to be surrounded by.


A Community Full Of Wealthy 6 and 7 Figure Traders

An extra-ordinary presentation style to help you navigate our content with ease.


Systematic and clean. We only post what we need to & when we do it's clear.

Unparalleled Charts & Sharp Presentation
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- Higher Timeframe Swings

- Part time trading but full time planning

- An understanding of market mechanics

- A solid seven tier checklist for areas of mastery

- Contextual synthesis > concern with minutia

- Clean price action approach to analysis and execution

- Transforming complicated data into simple conclusion based method
- Specific risk parameters for specific types of market conditions
- Patience in 80% of conditions, execution in 20% of conditions
- Conducting In Asymmetry & Only Asymmetry

- Hunting over picking worms

Psychological mastery

What The Typical Trading Career Looks Like

Endless volatile scalping
Win streaks followed by horrific losses,

Calling the market but not being able to get in 

Crippling psychological issues developed from the strain

High % return demand, lower time horizons, blow-up


If you are acting this way you have been sold a lie. One the market NEEDS you to believe in order to be it's counter-party.

If this describes you, you may need the                


Extracting money from the market using a part time approach, over a long time horizon, using top class higher timeframe principle alongside a routine learning process.

In other words, the remedy.

Tier 7 Way
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The Tier 7 Way

What's Does Membership With Us Get You

Trades & Investments
The Team Is Making

Support & Education Library + Community

High Quality Market Analysis & Trade Prep

Frequent Market Debriefs To Aid Learning

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Trade Setups As We Take Them

Swipe open your phone and learn by osmosis as we capture money from the market

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And Our History Shows Why Our Opinion Matters

No outlandish claims.
Just consistent measurable growth.

Stats are presented in a regular format of RR obtained per setup, but the reality is often far from what it seems. 

Please click me for a full proper explanation of how to read results & stats


Community Standards

Please be aware that in order to join Tier 7 you must be able to fulfil the following criteria: 

- Have 6 months experience under your belt

- Have the basic concepts and risk management down

- Trade with a minimum of 25000$ capital

This is in order to protect the quality of our community - thank you for understanding.

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Become A Tier 7 Trader Today

Get Instant Access To A Community Of 80+ traders.

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Binance, FTX, Etoro, Oanda

Crypto, Commodities, Stocks

4HR - Monthly Timeframes

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Evidence of historical trades presented on request.

Full refund if it's not for you after 48HRS.
Full transparency on our results