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T I E R 7  N E T W O R K

Tier 7 CourseList View

Tier 0: (2)


Study 0.5: Getting To Tier 7

Study 0.9: The Expected Journey


Tier 1: Psychology (5)

Study 1: Introduction: Trading Hurdles, Slogan & The Practical Truth About Psychology 
Study 2:  Plugging Holes: Getting Behind Self Sabotage & Where It Com
es From 
Study 3:  Mastering Objectivity & Equalising Mental Volatility 

Study 4:  Emotions, Where They Come From & Use Of Emotions When Trading 

Study 5: The Practical Guide To Keeping Yourself In Elite Mental Shape 


Tier 2: Market Approach & Expectation (4)

Study 6: Principle Over Paradigms: Definition, Rules, Implementation and Uses 
Study 7: Growing Your Wealth: What’s Involved, Trials & Signs Along The Way 

Study 8:Where you / will not make your money & identifying your best invest/trade format 

Study 9: The Great Casino: Smoke vs Mirrors (Short Extract) 


Tier 3: Market Mechanics and Core Theory (5)


Study 10: Game Theory Part 1: Market Participants & Their Mechanics 

Study 11: Game Theory Part 2: How These Participants Join At The Table 

Study 12: A Non-Platitutous Look At Trading Edge and Where It Comes From

Study 13: Generating Context & The Art of Using A Contextual Compass 

Study 14: Market Cycle, Psychology, Impulse & Container Phases 


Tier 4: Risk Management (2)

Study 15: The Complete Guide To Risk Management, Leverage, RM Factors & Epiphanies
Study 16: Mastering The Stop Loss, Invalidation, Hedging & Managing Your Downside

Tier 5: Analysis, Framing & Reifying The Market (6)

Study 17: Timeframes, Timeframe Principles & Conducting A Top Down Analysis
Study 18: The Actual True Secrets Behind S/R: Levels, Areas, Trends & Drawing
Study 19: Understanding Ranges, Discounts & Premiums In Practicality
Study 20: Understanding + Using Liquidity, Voids, Absorption and Counterparties
Study 21: Trading Asymmetry: Hunting For The Best & Thinking In Terms of Key Movements
Study 22: The Small Guide To Indicators: What I Like To Use, How and Why 

Tier 6: Planning and Execution (4)

Study 23: Market Scanning, Prep 101, Selectivity & The Secrets Of Trade Planning 
Study 24: A Guide To Entering, Targeting and Exiting Correctly
Study 25: The Execution Bible

Tier 7: Review and Evolution (1)

Study 26: How to Review & Evolve Overtime: Profiling, Planning, Reviewing



Tier Bonus: Extra Material

Bonus 1: Hunting 2023

Bonus 2: Habit Bible

Bonus 3: Setups We Look For

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