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Who Is The Network For?

.... The Tier 7 network is for professional investors, CEO'S, professional or experienced traders that are either well capitalized, experienced, or have something to offer the network: and are interested in increasing their access power. For those who want a direct link to alpha, anytime of the month, as our industry evolved. For those that understand being first and therefore the most profitable is about information assymetry. If you have not realised this last truth - it is most definitely not for you. Tier 7 is not for adrenalized, young or new micro traders. ‎But it is for those that understand hierarchy and the necessary bridges required to climb one.

What Is The Tier 7 Network?

........ Tier 7 network is a whitelist only network, who's mission is to combine the leverage of all involved to become richer from web3 in every sense. From early investments, to knowledge that makes a difference, to health discussions, all the way to it's members using the Tier 7 name to leverage through any door. It is also a platform that has been made to put smart people in one network, so that they may hunt together. Which is something no longer conducted in the jungle, but through the screens we live through. Online. In web3. Understanding that this is the case, Tier 7 also offers world class education, coaching & guides on the best way to collaborate. So that the hunting IQ of every individual involved is almost assured & the hunting effort is efficient as possible. To date, the network is functioning as it intended and our members have skilfully extraced millions from the market. ‎ Aside from this our main priority is to use Crypto as a launchpad to prepare our network for the ascent of AI, CDBCS & techniques to cope with the coming fourth industrial revolution,.

Is There Any Conflict Of Interest?

.... The great thing about this network is that it also functions as a central hub, where individuals come together for increased leverage and power. This being the case, unless we have evidence a member is attempting to compete with us directly - there is no conflict of interest. Those that have their own companies or businesses are welcome - as we believe in strength in networking - not in isolation. ‎

Is It A Paid Group?

.... This is not a paid group - as paid group implies a subscription group, that is a consistent liability. Tier 7 is an investment that is gated through an NFT. Once a whitelister aqquires an NFT, there is no cost to remain inside the network. Each member is responsible for their own seat and the network get's it's combined power from everyone involved. Owernship > Liability ‎

How Do I Know If Whitelist Is A Success?

.... If you are succesful in your whitelist application, you'll recieve an email within 72hrs once someone has verified your application. Please note that if you are a significant inividual, you will be asked to verify. If you give a false application - you will be banned from our network for life.

What Is The Average Member Networth?

Whilst it is hard to tell you exactly, the majority of investors or traders inside the network have mid six figures in capital. Some less, some more. The highest individuals inside are in the low 8 figure club (10-15M)

What Benefits Does Your Network Offer?

The network is what you make it and is intended to be one resource in your resource arsonal. The benefits that it offers have many vectors. Access to hot or early investments is first, connections is the second, in real life service benefits is the third, fourth is a place to collab with, fifth is regular world class guidance on the context of our Crypto markets, sixth is access to all Tier 7 products for free, seven is world class education, eight is a community lounge to talk to every morning and night as you explore the web. It is the most luxury 'GM'

Do You Have A Track Record?

The Tier 7 network has taken many iterations and has extracted money from our market succesfully now for almost six years. We have members that have been with us for the whole time. Some of our past results can be found on our home-page video. In reference to our Tier 7 method, it has been verified in a live env over three years from 2019-2022 and the success log can be found here Aside from this, we have in the last 2 years even better results and investment multipliers scored. All of which will be available soon. Our members will attest to this any time required. We have also now succesfully sold the top and bottom of almost 3 cycles, since 2019.

What Is The Format Of Your Education?

Education in Tier 7 conducted in three ways. First, we have a 30 lesson course for you to make your way through (that is constantly updated) The second angle is learning via osmosis - regular consumption of our content will ensure you are slowly trained to a relevant standard and if you are stuck at intermediate get you over that hurdle. Many individuals that have come through our doors are not the same people they were before. And that is because of their loyalty in watching our content. Second to last, we have a library of mini alpha videos and documents in development, geared to be 'quick' lessons you can consume on the fly. Including case studies of past investments. Lastly, you are expected to grow in knowledge just by being around others that are experienced. ‎

Do You Expect Anything From Your Members?

The only thing we expect members to do is to use the content within the Tier 7 server effectively. Consuming the content over time will eventually lead our members to contribute, as that is the only inevitable outcome The idea of hunting with a pack of online wolves, who also have high levels of net-worth, is one that is far too infectious for us to wilfully encourage. It happens naturally. ‎

How Does The Network Actually Run?

The network seeks to leverage the power of everyone involved by ranking them through their whitelist, giving them a template in order to contribute to our server & then the appropriate place to post excellent opportunities that others can read. Furthermore there is a ton of inhouse content (that is responsible for the mastery and reputation of our network) made by our founder CryptoShadow, on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It is of some of the best content you will find in Crypto, reflecting his 15+ thousand hours in this game, turned into a conscious proccess. For more details about how the network is run please see this document This document will also be itself updated shortly (time of writing, jan 2024)

How Will You Ensure People Contribute To The Network?

This is not possible as we cannot force. However - nature often dictates that if a group is somewhere worth being, contribution is natural. This is because whether it's online or in the physical realm, tribal interaction is an inevitability. We seek others that are strong. We listen to them. We also want to work with them. ‎

How Does Your Networking Between Members Work?

.... The first part of this is that we have a blackbook that is consistently being expanded. If you spot someone in the blackbook that you need to connect with, you message our admin and we will make the connection for you. This features those within our network that are happy to provide discounts or plugs into in real life serivces they own or work with, or are happy to be known within the network. In the case of significant individuals that perhaps don't want to be represented - we have an internal log of them all. A message of our admins if you need something will allow us to connect you to the relevant people if we have them. ‎


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Questions people may ask about Tier 7.
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