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Tier 7 Network - Casting A New Vision

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Stream of consciousness introduction

"In hard times, purpose is renewed. In good times, it's justified"

This is a quote that came to me a few days ago & it is one I've been thinking about regularly ever since.

I've been thinking about it a lot because I've become increasingly fascinated by the truth of 'law' - specifically led by the primary law, the law of all laws, that the physical world isn't the only thing that has rules.

"As there are codes of physics, there are also codes to the game, that cannot be seen by a microscope but only through reflective thought"

One such law that can be known through the first quote about hard times, is about success & how the pursuit of it transcends all agreement.

Simply put - the world doesn't care what you think.

If you want success in life, there are certain perceptions & actions you that you must accept if you want to be successful.

In this case, if your definition of success is progress, then in order to be successful, you must agree with this quote.

"In hard times, purpose is renewed. In good times, it's justified"

Which is a quote that suggests progress is as much reliant on the bad as it is the good. Above I clearly stated that you have to agree with this quote, in order to be successful.

So you may be asking why, why can I not disagree with this quote? Well - you can disagree because you are capable of disagreeing - but it will have no effect on the outcome. As this is the truth. Law does not bend to the will of opinion.

I will explain further in a moment, but imagine that you do not inherit this quote and this perception and instead come to believe that there is no purpose in a hard time. It is devoid of excitement & context. It is inherently bad and to be approached with reflective misery. It is indeed 'hard'. What will happen?

Your hormones will have it that it only results in progress stagnation.

In this matter, your opinion isn't the point. The point is that in a world full of human beings whom often believe that they are superior to nature, the very nature that provides the ether for their continued existence, is that the real superpower in life is learning to listen to the laws of the world. Not to argue with them.

To be quiet and not loud.

So let's return to the primary quote & explore why it pays to be quiet.

"In hard times, purpose is renewed. In good times, it's justified"

On our way to the top (and also the next one after that) hard times are a certainty.

The two obvious reasons hard times are a certainty are that, 1, progress requires tremendous energy & 2, we don't always have full control over the future.

However, a 3rd more nuanced reason can be found in the law of material ascension

"The quest of moving up ascending peaks always makes a previous high seem low"

Hard times are a certainty because on the path of progress, the only way you perceive a good time is by knowing one that is previously hard.

Let's now remove this from the abstract and bring it down to earth, using the $BTC chart as an example. - The first time people hit 20K people were euphoric. - Yet once they hit 60k, a revisit of 20K caused nothing but depression. - Yet once that 20K leads to a movement past 100K it'll be looked onto with beauty

Whilst this may appear obvious, this dance is something that is leading up to my main point.

Which is that the good and the bad are co-dependent, a secret piece of knowledge that is consistently hidden in plain site: 1. The trial is what leads to the peak.

2. The peak is what leads to the trial

3. The trial is what leads to the peak If you look at it objectively for long enough you will realize that those three stages are quite literally the same thing - because if you remove part 1 or part 2, the progress curve ceases to exist.

And ironically, unless you are able to realize that the low & the high are the same, progress is very difficult to achieve.

Viewing the trough as the only route to the peak allows you to unlock the energy of the trough. Rather than to be weighed down by it.

"In hard times, purpose is renewed. In good times, it's justified"

The next interesting point here is that if you look at every peak & trough in nature - the mountain is always comparatively short. Life is the same.

Most of it is spent in consolidation. Our happiest moments are just peaks. Moments in time. Memories. With a lot of grey in-between.

Yet as humans, we have been taught to revere the peaks and hate the troughs.


It's an approach that not only doesn't make any sense not only because they're co-dependant, but also because this default hallucination simply leads to a form of self-torture.

If you follow the typical model of duality, you rob yourself of the beauty you need to continue. Put in a different way, there is nothing to look forward to if you're always on top. Think about it.

If we view hard times with misery & recoil it means most of our life will be spent in misery and recoil - because hard times are a certainty and a majority. If you are however able to peer into the magnifying glass and recognize that in actual fact, the peak and trough are the same thing then...

You gain a superpower. The ability for both to excite you.

A way to hijack your dopamine receptors to overlay a gold film over reality.

And the way to do this is to accept the following quote as law

"In hard times, purpose is renewed. In good times, it's justified"

A flower does not hate its seed and neither should we. The gold film means to view them as one singular phenomenon.

Again you can argue that this is not the case, but the laws of the game leave us trapped. We can either accept or suffer the consequences.

"In hard times, purpose is renewed. In good times, it's justified"

This is where I drop the reference to web3 and mention how it manufactures this dance for us absolutely perfectly It gives us absolute giant peaks & extreme consolidations.

Which if viewed through the quote law, is a fertile ground for success. Especially in consolidation. Where if you look at misery properly, it's something to be grateful for.

I'm talking about the feeling where a magic shit-coin is burning a hole through your pocket & you start to question whether visions of a decentralized paradise are actually true, or whether it was all simply a dopamine fuelled hallucination.

"In hard times, the purpose is renewed. In good times, it's justified"

Which is the perfect subject for me to cast a metaphorical bridge into the world of human alchemy & touch on why it all may not be a hallucination after all.

Hidden deep in the dread that we may be wrong, is the exact reason why we're probably right about it all.

Why? Commitment.

Time has taught me that most dreams do not come true not because they're airdropped from the sky, but because the ego gets so obsessed with a hallucination that it has no way to back out from being wrong.

So instead, it does all it can to rip it out from the ether and into 3d existence.

In Web3 terms, we spawn as goblins, adopt the mantra that 'Crypto is the future' with little evidence to support this & then the moment that the egos of the smartest bucket crabs have nowhere to escape, instead of choosing to back down, they choose instead to wield the strength of human alchemy to save it from stupor.

The hopium here is that since the amount of high iq chads that are comitting themselves to this space have become fairly large, I'd argue that we have enough of these soldiers inside working on building rockets to suggest that our space will leave orbit. That will hold, build & go down with the Titanic if they need to.

I am one of them. But please understand I'm not solely talking about altcoins here - what I'm talking about is the infrastructure leading to a shared new reality.

"In hard times, purpose is renewed. In good times, it's justified"

The fertile soil of our industry should be obvious to you if you actually understand where we're at, which as most of you know, is called Web3.

What people however don't fully connect with is that Web3 is the term that describes the infrastructure responsible for how the world is going to connect as we move into a new online future. It underpins all.

Whilst altcoins are a fun gambling mechanis, they are only the dirt from which the plant arises. The funnel.

Web 3 is actually the infrastructure that promises decentralized autonomy, new ways of relating, technologies, forms of value & interaction between me and you right at the heart of it all.

And with a technological future right on our doorstep - the opportunity we have infront of us is

If you choose to be euphoric that you are being provided with hard times in such fertile soil. I believe your life can change.

This is a long-winded way of me saying that the luxury of boredom has done its job, by annoying me back into a new phase of building. And it can do the same to you if you let it.

So it's time to embrace the inner arnie, again, because there's no other choice.

"Don't cry friend. Build"





Introduction Part One: Tier 7 A New Vision

A full detailed map for the road ahead, as these next 400 days unfold.


In the past three years, I have taken the Tier 7 network through 3 stages.

In its infancy it started as a small shot-calling group, in its teenage years it became a larger educational-based group that helped us churn millions of profit in the last bull market. As we reach adulthood we have evolved into a network - and our last phase of growth which also intends to outrank all that has come before.

Thank You

Before I continue to describe the vision, I first want to say thank you to every single one of you that has supported me / us in the last 5 years & believed in me in ways that of my family never has.

You know who you are & I have said to practically all of the closest people I know. My intention is to pay you all back 100-fold.

The Next Stage

As the bear market churns, the next plan I am revealing is our intention to take Tier 7 into a fourth phase.

Which is to turn the Tier 7 network into an ecosystem.

If you're a MetaverseMonkey holder - you'll want to make sure you read this post. It's a human communication from me to you about what's coming. How my primary mission is to turn every single holder into a millionaire. And exactly how we plan to attach value to our NFTS beyond the current starter level.


Part Two: Defining An Ecosystem

When you throw a seed into a forest it will grow unattended, because that's how our creator has designed it.

It is a finely tuned system with incentives for all to stay in the forest and that serves everyone involved.

- Fruit grows on the trees

- Meat is abundant

- Animals aid each-other

- The trees provide protection from the rain

- The trees provide us with air

And this is the best metaphor I can use in order to describe the vision for Tier 7 - which is to build it out to become a self-serving ecosystem.

The NFT will be the gate-key to this ecosystem and be an ever-expanding container for all the benefits inside, serving all with early supporters in the most extreme way.

Not only do we have some of the most beautiful pieces of art in the space, but I have realized that since the NFT market is still in its infancy - we really have a significant edge at this moment in time. To build something massive right before the legitimate NFT run comes.

Which aside from Altcoins WILL actually have value attatched. And is a value proposition bigger than than 90% currently realize.

Let's now look at our ecosystem goals so this can be labeled clearly & then we will get into specifics


Part Three: General Tier 7 Goals

Before we go into the specifics of what is coming, it is vital for you & for us to very clearly highlight our intention and goals. So that it can provide the context for why and how we are building out our ecosystem specifics.

Here Are Our General Ecosystem Goals 1. Create an environment that naturally incentivizes all holders to get involved 2. Develop a system loop that introduces and facilitiates new/old users to do this 3. Turn every MM holders into 7 figures worth by mid-2025 5. Take the number one spot for the Crypto ecosystem of choice 6. Create a deal-flow system in our network that is incentivized & self-serving 7. Provide tangible benefits for network builders, using what we have as a starter 8. Generate enough company revenue to shuttle back to our supporters + charities 9. Plough through the field so forcefully that our NFTS are seen as a piece of clout

10. Consolidate our information flows and UI to offer a superior experience

11. Provide constant useful free content and market the entire ecosystem through this

12. To achieve the above in the area of gaming, early investments, web3 infrastructure & builder connections

A quick note before we go on to specifics. Please pay attention to the fact that NFTS that pumped the hardest in the last cycle did so from pure excitement value. It is these NFTS that will not last the test of time. In the meantime, value-based NFTS have emerged & continued to consolidate. I believe this cycle is where they truly start to take-over. If I had to, I would compare value-based NFTS (and collectors items) to 2016 ALTS. The potential for them is limitless. As they bring something to the world it's never seen before. Member ownership that goes way way pass simply paying for a value sink.

Let's now go onto the ecosystem specifics.


Part Four: Ecosystem Specifics

The brand, network, knowledge, wealth, connections & NFT collection we have built in the last 3 years whilst seems like a lot, is JUST the start.

It has been the groundwork for a much larger vision and we are happy that it is now roughly in place. We will deliver this vision through three primary ecosystem categories, so et's go through these 3 categories now


Ecosystem Category 1: Platform Utility & Products Please click the arrow to see details for each

1. Custom Tier 7 VC Presale Platform Launchpad

2. Completion of the T7 video course, products & major document upgrades

3. A rebuild of our entire website, to include more efficient systems and building

4. Tokenisation attached to the MM NFT and network ($MM and $SNOW)

5. Creation of Tier 7 fund, funded entirely for free by network profits

6. Long form content & Discord rehabilitation

7. Expansion and inclusion of AI and 4th Industrial Revolution

Ecosystem Category Two: Partner & Builder Benefits

Please click the arrow to see details for each

5. Onboard 50 web3 ecosystem partners by 2024, providing mutual influence

6. Consolidating our KOL roster in order to leverage our value proposition

7. Builders summit to be held monthly, for connecting & building display(s)

8. Secure relationships with launchpads and Web3 companies

9. To attain key advisory and marketing positions

10. To reward builders that engage with our ecosystem

Ecosystem Category Three: Influence, Marketing & Efficiency

10. Appoint a rotating wheel of key deal flow individuals, with large incentives

11. Populate our Twitter to be a stream of free constant alpha, as an upsell bridge

12. Release circular threads, value propositions & marketing for projects & alpha

13. Free education, bots & resources on the public Tier 7 sites


Part Five: MM NFT'S, Value Proposition and Target

We have been relatively silent on our NFT'S as a whole since the sale concluded and since we have been working together inside our discord.

Whilst we have made what we believe is one of the best collections in the entire industry, it's obviously not enough and we know that.

Here are the following plans we have for the artwork, the value propositions & where we plan to take the branding of the NFT'S themselves


We have highlighted than 5-10% pieces in our collection require upgrade and tweaking. Therefore these next 2 months, our artwork will be slightly upgraded and the new designs for the last 250 collection will be released.


Our first batch of supply has almost sold out, reaching a max floor price of 9eth (around 18,000USD) at it's highest point, which is a flash insight into what is soon to come.

- Once the 500th NFT is minted, 250 more will be listed at 4000USD

- Once this has occured, the second generation NFT'S will be dropped.

- This will put the original supply at just 750. The second gen at 3000

- Second gen will sell for the same price as the original, but have far fewer benefits

2ND Generation NFTS

Second generation NFTS will only get access to particular parts of the Tier 7 network, receive the lowest fee reduction over 1st gen holders & not be able to access the website content for free (but only the Discord) except the. Priority will be given to 1st generation holders

Ranks and Structures

Whilst most NFT holders are designed to have the same perks to information access, we will soon introduce perks for holders of higher-level NFT'S in our network. These are through two main vectors. The first is legendary and ultra rare holders are likely to get a reduction on fee's on any pre or seed sale fee's we conduct, sitting at 2-3%. Legendary ranked and Ultra Rare NFTS will receive their own private Discord category in order to connect with builders / important individuals that can afford them. Apart from this there will be no information asymmetry differences.

Interoperability and in game assets

It should also be recognized that we have hinted that our MM'S will become in game characters, after our partnership with Katana Inu. This can not only be confirmed, but we are going to look to make these characters interpoable into many games as our brand evolves

The value propositions attached to our NFTS

Next, it's useful for current holders to fully get context of the value they are holding by owning an NFT and the value that is coming.

The first major point we need to highlight to you is that at current we are in a major consolidation for Crypto - which we are using to build. If you are patient with this, as you are with your other investments, our pledge to you is that you are very likely to be rewarded for your patience.

That said, whilst the mint cost of our NFT'S at 999$, the value gained by holding an NFT already far far trumphs the cost of minting - which is just the start.

As we fufill this vision, the value attached will absolutely dwarf what you see now & we'll attached 30-60kUSD worth of benefits to every single pass.

Right Now We Have

  1. A wealth-building course (3500$ RRP on release)

  2. Permanent network, discord & connections / access (Priceless)

  3. Multiple Partner benefits (1000$ + per member)

  4. 2-3% seed sale fee (100-1000$+ saving per members)

  5. Information on key assymetric investments at key times (Priceless)

  6. Use of all future educational courses released (2000$+)

  7. Summits and in real life events (Priceless)

These may not yet be hard-hitting or feel relevant but they will do. We're still in consolidation.

Part Six: Own Personal Challenges & What I've Been Up To

As I traverse the world just as I had envisioned, for the third major time in my life, it dawns on me that travelling is cool but there is absolutely nothing that compares to the warm glow, of a good smelling home, surrounded by the snow on a Christmas Eve as the ones you love clang around in the kitchen laughing.

And not only this but having a mind so light and happy you can actually appreciate what's right infront of you.

Because one thing that is deadly clear to me is that you can escape your country, but you cannot escape your own mind, heart, thoughts and feelings. Our minds may like to suggest otherwise by consistently attempting to hijack us with dissatisfaction, that the resolution is somewhere outside, but it's not.

Which is the reason for my stream of consciousness at the start.

Lately, it's become far far more clear to me that the way to cure dissatisfaction isn't by accumulating more but through the cultivation of love, purpose, and gratitude. Lately, quite a few things have happened in my life that have forced me to return to this truth.

The truth that a home has everything you need inside of it & we need to be careful forgetting that there is not much more that will make you happy.

And this very thing can only be appreciated if you are able to consolidate the idea of a peak and a trough into one thing.

What Is Life Worth?

I left personal poverty around five years ago and during this time, I had forgotten this, because earning money had eclipsed my mind. It's been difficult to pull away from this, especially tending to the addiction that you almost have to have if you want to be succesful trading alts, but the band-aid is almost off.

As I reach the ripe age of 30, I realized that my life cannot be spent trading the markets everyday in-front of the computer exposed to risk I have no short-term control over.

Whilst it may seem logical due to the amount of cash I can make, the large amount of money I have to trade with and my skills - it makes absolutely no sense on the context of life.

The opportunity cost, the stress & the immorality of sitting at a computer trying to rob money from others and giving nothing back to the world, during the most vital years?

This is a sin, a sin to those that don't even believe in the concept of God.

We only have one life. And I know god damn well it wasn't designed to be sitting at a computer clicking buttons - no matter the financial reward.

This is much of the renewed energy I have surrounding Tier 7.

I only came to this game to make 250-300$ a month for food, so I could work at giving back to the world. In the midst of I was consumed, which may have been a good thing, but it's time to walk back.

So as time evolves, it's time to build something more meaningful than playing with magic shitcoins.

And to take everyone with me.

Part Eight: Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post inside the Tier 7 network. If you have any questions you know where you can contact me.

And remember, if I'm silent, it's because I'm building, strategizing, networking, and figuring out the way forward.

If you saw my weekly schedule, you'd be surprised at how little time I waste.

I will never ignore the reverberation of time,



Very reflective and insightful, looking forward to reading more like this in the future. The vastness of potential here is mind blowing and will be very constructive as well as interesting to see how this all evolves. Really digging the final picture from Slain, very nice reference.


Thank you Shadow!


This message and outlook comes at a perfect time for me personally. Thank you and it's a honor to be part of this group.


Brilliant! what a absolute blessing to get to be a part of this network as it becomes the number one Crypto ecosystem of choice.


Fantastic post. Very excited (and privileged) to be in some small way a part of this and to read your intentions for our network put down in this blog. The vision quite frankly astounds me and the possibility certainly excites the mind. As someone who left my home country over a decade ago to travel the world, I also resonate very much with your personal revelations as I have been having (somewhat) similar ones myself recently. It seems that we are all going through a sort of collective awakening of late. Anyway, looking forward to seeing all of this come together. I am eternally grateful for so.

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