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Investment Disclosure

Updated: Mar 16

A disclosure of my personal investments in our industry

As my experience in this industry grows, so does my knowledge of all the influencers & investors that are making early investments in project and failing to disclose them.

This is something that I've always believed to be immoral since they end up more than not, using their followers as exit liquidity, or at best their, followers think they believe in a project - and end up holding the bag into infinity.

Missing the point entirely.

That this is a giant game of hot potato. Except the hot potato is made of magic coins.

There is of course nothing inherently wrong with being an influencer VC or early investor - myself including others have worked very hard to be in a position where we are able to:

  1. Have the capital required to invest early

  2. Have the social proof required to be asked to do so

  3. Have the connections to leverage into raises early

  4. The intelligence to offer advisory that gives value

  5. The balls to take the risk on tokens at an early stage

And to be candid with you - none of you would have those dirty pumps if it were not for early investors with a big following. The white knights among you that endlessly complain and hate on influencers shilling 'x' coin - are unfortunately in a constant state of cope.

It's how the industry works. Infact it IS the industry,

Liquidity on magic coins only comes from speculation power. And speculation is driven by key thought leaders.

TDLR: If you want god level pumps on your alt-coins, the market is so saturated that it's very rarely going to happen without the help of influencers. Who unfortunately cost.

But even so - it's something that everyone should be disclosing.


As a result I have created this post as a way for you to track the early investments I have made in either the seed or private rounds.

  • I do not need to do this - but it's there so you know if there is conflict of interest.

  • It'll be updated as I make new early stage investments

I will only be sharing what I have participated in via early rounds (as of 2023 to the end of 2024) - no other details will be shared. As is the case with early investors, you can however assume that our entries are superior & thus we're In profit way before the average man - but most of the time it is locked.

Every project I invest in I believe will produce very large multipliers post launch. I'm usually right but if you're following my opinion, please DYOR.

Below you will find a list of my current investments, including a brief description of each. This also includes OTC deals that I have taken, labelled under 'OTC'

My Current Investments

  • MyPetHooligan

  • Blocklords

  • Fusionist

  • BananaGun

  • X-Swap

  • SatoshiVM

  • Entangle

  • SatoshiSynch

  • X-Alpha (Bought on market and later approached for vested OTC)

  • MBD Acquired Holdings OTC

  • Degen Distillery

Project Details

  • My Pet Hooligan ($KARROT)

Triple A Web3 game that is currently as of Feb 2024 my #1 top pick of all web3 games - due to its Disney like IP, extremely switched on team & highly addictive gameplay that nearly everyone I've shown it too has been unable to escape. I'm predicting that this will be one of the largest #web3 games by 2025.

  • Blocklords

Another triple A Web3 game that is currently as of Feb 2024 also in my top #10 of all web3 games - due to the fact it is a first mover in the real time strategy genre, the full functional addictive and heavily built game & the mass potential to become a game that utilizes micro txs at an absolute massive scale. Not to mention its solid backing across Crypto.

  • Fusionist

Another triple A web3 game with large amounts of funding backed by Binance. A different type of RTS which I invested into primarily because of the branding Backers and team.

  • BananaGun

The current leading trading bot in terms of revenue and users. Has the most viral branding and I have been supporting ever since the initial launch. Is slowly sucking up market capital and is hands-down one of the best tools in the game.

  • Entangle-Fi

I invested in this in an early round in 2023, as after speaking to the team they were impressive and building out a key piece of Crypto infrastructure to stream-line the entirety of DEFI. They are doing this by creating cross-chain liquidity between TVL'S locked on individual chains, through something called 'synthetic vaults. They have a massive amount of partners and I suspect it'll be a great year for the project in general.

  • X-Swap

The first ever cross chain dex on $LINK. Got given the opportunity to participate in an early round and to help raise awareness as a result. Invested because of first mover advantage, accolades of the team and the very strong backing across the Crypto sphere. And given that link is such a big deal, I'd expect the first ever cross chain dex utilising it to get a good amount of attention.

  • SatoshiVM A project I invested in, after missing the Mubi IDO, in order to gain exposure to the BRC20 ecosystem. They are essentially building one of the first large scale L2'S for the BTC ecosystem. They started with a very questionable, shaky launch with plentiful drama, but is a project that continues to build and offers me exposure to the BRC20 gold mine.

  • SatoshiSynch

Another up and coming BRC20 project that acts as a front end dash-board for BRC20 token management and analytics - whilst also offering an accelerator service for projects built in the BRC20 ecosystem. It also allows you to create inscriptions with the click of a button and also bridge funds across the brc20 ecosystem to other chains with a click of a button. Again allowing me exposure to an emerging narrative.

  • X-Alpha

Under development for 2 years - it's one of the most useful twitter extensions I've used to date. It shows you trending tokens right from twitter, alongside who is tweeting them and when. This allows you to asess divergence between support and price - something that is a goldmine for those who've been around long enough to know how the game works. This is something that I bought at market after a friend tweeted about it and was later approached if I wanted to purchase discounted OTC, vested, in order for some closer support. Didn't hesitate.

  • Degen Distillery

An investment that boasts quite a few accolades, alongside some solid partnerships with Google and with Brewdog - a multi billion dollar alcohol corporation.

The token itself is linked to crowd created spirit brands, that are automatically greenlit for listings at BrewDogs worldwide venues, access to their global distribution partners, the worlds biggest distributors and VIP events like Glastonbury / Goodwood. The token is used for many things but what caught my eye is there will be a 10% burn from any revenue coming in through degen distillery. Below is a great thread I found as to why this made an attractive investment to me

  • Metaverse Business District (MBD) This is a project I most recently acquired at OTC, that is aiming to build a a cross-chain decentralised photorealistic business district which empowers individuals to create their own financial ecosystem within the digital metaverse. This is the first I have ever seen this idea proposed & at the time of finding the team had secured almost 10x their marketcap in funding (11M funding).


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