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The Tier 7 Course
Principles Over Paradigms

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The main reason why ninety-five percent of the market fail is because they're exposed to the same information as everyone else.


And because they do not make decisions using principles. They have not been taught how to order their thinking, in regard to over-arching law & and therefore find themselves in the clutches of complication. 


They become too smart to be simple.


Leading them to think / act in the same way & take a GPS route that guarantee's destruction.

If you imagine a 100 crabs in a bucket, only a small portion will escape because they require stepping on other carbs to become free. This is an accurate metaphor for investing and trading.


When you boil this game down to it's core principle, it is the art of outsmarting your & robbing your opponenets. By any means necessary. 

When you boil this game down to it's core settings, it's the art of outpercieving and outperforming your competition.

Yet, if you feed from the same information source that all your competition do and share in the same pereceptions how on earth can this be possible?

I'll answer it. It's not. 🍋 (Remeber this emoji, I'll touch on it shortly)


And retorting that you have superior will power is just as useless.


Of course, you may have superior tenacity and that is to be respected, but tenacity cannot compete with the ability to think in ways your competition is not aware. 

After all, smashing a rock is simply smashing a rock. And watching free Youtube video's, or trying to fill in the lines yourself, moving averages is less than 5% of the equation.

I remember studying in the early days. I'd sit on the floor, blindly copying everything and everyone and put myself under so much mental load that it consumed my life for years. 

Only to learn that secrets are actually quite simple - but we can't expose them because we're so caught up in misdirection from the industry that it's like we're trying to read artifacts on a spray painted wall. 

In fact much of the necessary training in this game is to give you information that automatically helps you filter out untruthful perceptions &


To be part of the 5% that suceeds, you have to learn to be superior in every category possible, responsible for your end result and then use that mastery to become a simple human being. In detail. To the degree that 'x' man classes as 'learned information'. Physiology, information, approach, ad infitinium. 

This is earned in two ways:


A: Through horrific experiences which you may never recover from

B: Revealed to you behind closed doors.

This is what Tier 7 was made for & is here to do for you.


To give you that bridge, so that you become aware of what you are not aware of right now. To open the gates and scratch that mental itch, that you know is there, but didn't even realize was distracting you from the truth. 

You can probably already tell by the way I write, but I know what I am talking about. Whilst I label myself as a perpetual student, I've labored in this market now for seven years and understand this subject at a level required for me to succeed - and then some.









I have been absolutely obsessed at learning how to be profitable, have extracted 3 quarters of a mil out of this market in the last 5 years & have a grey beard to show for it. 

I started out in this market with around 1500$ and I now have the ability to make an average persons yearly wage in one long term swing. 

And that's without seed sale or vc scamming. An important distinction.

What You Need To Do.


Your job in the market is to identify opportunities, buy them before other people want them & then sell them to when they do. 


If you need a metaphor, it's ALMOST the same thing that would be normal for an innocent six year old boy or girl to conduct. We know other people are thirsty on a summers day, so we get up early in the morning, set up a lemonade stand, sell it for higher than we bought it to  thirsty individuals walking down the street & laugh all the way to the bank. 

Where this profession differs, however, is in one key area.


No one truly values, wants or need anything they buy in these markets.


Things inherently have no value, or are so over speculated on that their value is lost in a colloseum of psychological warfare.

Things here do not work the same as real life & It's not a lemonade stand, because the thirst of the individual buying from you is of a completely different kind. 


Here? It's a game of transferring thirst, NOT quenching it.


Meaning that unbenknownst to most people who start in this industry, the truth is you're engaging in a merciless value exchange doom loop.


The only reason someone buys from you is to sell to another person. That is the value. There is nothing else. I would almost call it the 'Game of Scams' if I could

This is precisely where the need to study comes from. You need game theory, because when you create limit orders, you're not selling shit people actually want. 

In this prey vs prey environment, you need to be able to open all the mental gates that allows you to see this truth & then plugin (almost like a usb stick) this conclusion into your perception, so you can filter out the bullshit as it flies through your eyes and ears. -


Which is only possible when someone learned reveals it to you. And then get it to function automatically so that you can invert the way most people do things. 

These seven gates are as follows




AKA what is known to function as the few, because without this knowledge, you will be the one who is robbed. 

In fact, i've already revealed a big enough secret here to you - but unless you're reading between the lines, I guarantee you don't have focused enough perception even unpack it yet. 

This is what i'm here to show you how to do.


- How to identify things as straight forward as lemonade on a hot sunny day

- How to predict when people will become thirsty

- And when to sell it to them

The Tier 7 Course: Principles Versus Paradigms

This course will teach you to do this through a seven-step, chronological, ordered smooth & in-depth process. 

The outcome upon completion will be dependent on your starting point & and what you need from it, yet I will almost guarantee it will serve 1 of 3 outcomes to you. 

A: You gain control of bleeding endless money over a long time frame

B: You fill in the gaps that are desperately holding you back from profitability

C: You will boost your level of profitability dramatically

And in every scenario, you will be taught how the whole proccess works from the inside out. In the complete reverse order that the majority teach you to learn. If you don't believe me - believe these guys

I have also recruited opinions and expertise from three other respected, high profit traders in our industry all worth multiple seven figures

The course is split into seven tiers, each with a specific amount of lessons which you can see here. Each lesson has one document to read followed by one video - and also comes with a complete audiobook you must listen to once the course is complete. 

Which solves a three fold learning process: See, hear and conceieve. 

If you're ready to hop in, you can purchase it here below

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