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T i e r   7   N e t w o r k

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Find Explosive Opportunities

Educate & Network With Wealthy

Been here for a long time... I learned everything and I know what I am doing. I have already convinced myself that I am now an a level to actually trade alone 🔥🔥🔥

Raarli #6508

TIER 7 Testiomnial

About Us Anchor

The True Definition Of 1000X Leverage

To miss opportunities in a market that may never come again is a heavy burden to bear. But to win with a squad, is absolutely euphoric


And among all, what is one truth that is impossible to debate?


"What information you have access to in the markets is often the difference between elite & ordinary results"

And where do you get access from? Closed networks. This is how people since the dawn of time generate inhumane results. They didn't have a time machine. They had leverage. 

Tier 7 is a investment & education network, a "thousand man gold hunt" that was built to honour this truth by providing every member with four advantages

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Access To Explosive Investment Opportunities

World Class Seven Tier Education & Training

The Power Of Collaborating With 6,7,8 Figure Traders

Important Timely Research, Information & Analysis

"Without a competent network, you will always be outperformed by those with access"


Benefits As A Member

Hover Over Each Element

Cure wealth principles taught to you by the machine, that feel correct but are in-fact invisible, theoretical prisons.



Into A Wealthier Individual

With up to 1000 eyes in our network, alongside in-house content, less of the best opportunities are likely to escape you.



Be Part Of A 1000 Man Team

Check in daily. Make friends. work together. Prominent members are rewarded, ranked & their work featured.



Into A High Powered Society

Leverage the power of our large wealthy network to find but also access the best trades, IDO'S & and investments.



Our Network To Access Opportunities

Confidently draw up charts, learn how to generate context, locate asymmetry & learn what you need to execute like a pro



Self Sufficient Using Our Proccess

Get access and contributions to products we fund or advise as a result of our combined experience and knowledge.


An Unfair Edge

Tier 7 Moments

A Few Cherrypicked Favourite Moments Out Of Hundreds

Screenshot 2022-10-01 131432.png


$LYXE +2700% 🏆

Bought: 1$

Sold: 27$

Date: 11/01/21

LYXE Result.png

Stop Getting Left Behind

Get ahead of popular narratives 

Surround yourself with better individuals that have pooled together in one place

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Exclusive IDO Access

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Early ALT Research & Discovery

T7 LOGO Black2.png

Unparalled Market Reviews

T7 LOGO Black2.png

Ranked Collaboration Lounge

T7 LOGO Black2.png

Hot NFT Projects & Research

T7 LOGO Black2.png

Spot Investment Hub

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World Class 7 Tier Training

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Frequent Market Context Report

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Influencer & OG Access 

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Joining Our Network Is A No Brainer

4 Years In Operation And All Have Been Successful

A Permanent Resource To Add To Your Arsenal. NO Subscription Fee's.

Your Subscription NFT Pass Can Appreciate Simply By Holding

We Collate Information From Other Expensive Networks

You Get To Wake Up & Participate In "A 1000 Man Gold Hunt"

We Provide You With Key Market Breakdowns That Inspire Clarity

Proven Track Record In Over 1000 Logged Trades & Investments

The Network Is Full Of Experienced 6YR+ Investors

Acesss To One Good Person Or Investment Pays Back Tenfold

Why Us

"Making money is action. keeping money is behaviour. Growing money is knowledge"

Tier 7 Principles

Verified live over thousands of logged trades, the Tier 7 process has transformed countless investors to date & to quote contains "Some of the best training you will find" in the Crypto industry.

Playing Cards


Learn To Think With Principles

Not Paradigms

"It Suggests"
"It Must"
Playing Cards


Master Long Term Growth In The Face Of An Unpredictable Market

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Leave This Behind

Become This

Playing Cards


Remedy Shiny Object Syndrome & Become Effortlessly Selective

What A Rookie Trader Sees

What You Will See With Knowledge


Trade Less. Make More.


1 x




Make your effort count.


Understand How To Break The Market Down Into Easy To Understand Components



When you can break it down, you can begin to act with clarity.


Be Surrounded By Six and Seven Figure Traders


In order to be wealthy, it's best to be surrounded by those who are where you want to be

Playing Cards


Realize The Most Practical Psychological Secrets That Make The Best Traders


Actual mental secrets that are quite difficult to realize without the right guidance,

Playing Cards


Rob The Market. Stop It Robbing You.


Everytime you lose money it's going to someone else. Be on the right side of that equation.

Playing Cards


Learn The Best Time To Floor The Gas & Cure Overtrading

Yes you can be a day trader & a scalper. But the most explosive money will come from asessing contextual windows. Let us show you.

Join Us

"Our Network can be described as a 1000 Man Gold Hunt. We give you the spade, we give you the map & we inspire every member to hunt in one single place"

How To Access Tier 7

The only way to access Tier 7 is by holding a Metaverse Monkey.

Each MM NFT Is A Lifetime Pass To T7

[ Mint and Hold The NFT To Retain Access ]

[ Sell NFT On The Open Market To Transfer ]

[ 1st Generation Mint Get Unrelenting Privileges ]

Limited Access Only 999 Passes Available

If you miss this first generation pass, it's extremely likely you will have to pay 10x to get in in future.

T7 LOGO Black2.png

Metaverse Monkeys

Most people spend copious amounts of money on flashy technology, thousands on meme coins & alcohol but how many strong networks are you a part of? And for the price of a mobile phone?

 [ Being smart with your money starts today ]

Love King.png
A 1000 Man Gold Hunt

Alongside access to an exclusive wealth building club, each NFT comes with complimentary pro grade training to some of the best discretionary material in Crypto.


This equips each user in the network with the tools available to hunt themselves & contribute to the network.

Crazy Bat King.png

First Mover Advantage

First Generation mints will be the most rare among the collection & accrue the most value over time.


As the project evolves, you will be rewarded for being early by getting a free pass into all upgrades. The same cannot be said for those that come later.

Bitcoin God.png

Incentivised Contributions

Members with excellent contributions in our server are ranked, featured publicly & the best will be rewarded with exclusive NFT's, airdrops & priority mints for future NFT generations.


Scarcity & Evolution

As Tier 7 grows, so will what we offer & what the network is capable of. The more the network grows stronger and expands into alternate wealth generation / protection methods - so will 1st generation passes.

And Our Past Results Show Why Our Opinion Matters

Below stats demonstrate we know what we are doing. Whilst we have now upgraded from a 'trade room' into a 'network' they speak for the credibility of Tier 7.

The entire trade by trade log can be found here

Stats are presented in a regular format of RR obtained per setup, but the reality is often far from what it seems. 

Please click me for a full proper explanation of how to read results & stats


.... Tier 7 is a network for mature well capitalized individuals that understand connection and resource is a priceless venture. It is a network for those that want to learn *truly* how advanced players think, act and look at the market. And therefore upgrading their knowledge. It is for those that want a professional living room, not a meme spamming telegram group, to hang out it in. It is for those that want a resource that both serves as an appreciating asset & also as access to a community that provides leverage. The kind of leverage that helps you find the best investments 100x before they move.‎ ‎

Who Is The Tier 7 Network For?

There is no price to join. The only way to get access to our network is by owning a MM NFT.

What Is The Price To Join?

Absolutely. If you are approaching a project for allocation & we have pre-approved the project with you in private then you can absolutely use our name as leverage to get access. Providing of course you are an offiical member. ‎

Can I Use The Network To Represent Me?

Yes. Since not only are we a large community but the project leader is also experiecned in exactly what it takes for a Crypto project to thrive, please get in contact if you are looking for advisory. ‎

Do You Offer Project Advisory?

The majority of our content is geared towards higher time frame capital allocation, spot plays and assymetric windows. This means our common timeframes are 4H and higher. However - we do have a lower time frame room for specific players. ‎

What Time Frames Do You Trade or Invest?

This is absolutely not a signal room. Whilst the team, the users and ranked members may share trade ideas and investments - the server should be considered a network, a resource and an education room strictly. Whilst we do share our trades, you cannot join Tier 7 from the perspective for looking for signals. Not only do they not work but they encourage too much reliance. We want to encourage independance. ‎

Is This A Signal Room?

This is the wrong question to ask if for the least that there is no solid answer. We are here to aid you, but your own results are your own results. The amount you return is based on how attentive, active and smart you are as a trader. It also depends on your starting capital. Furthermore our network offers benefits that go far far pass monetary returns. A education & a solid network is absolutely priceless. In this sense, you can expect at bare minimum access to quality info and wealthier ways of looking at the market. That said, the price of your NFT pass is likely going to be very quickly and easily paid off if you pay attention to us. Since many of our members have transformed from low 5 figures to high 6 and 7 figures, you're in good hands.

What Returns Can We Expect?

The majority of Tier 7, including the team, trades with mid 6 and 7 figures. The amount allocated is dependant on market conditions. ‎

What Type Of Capital Do You Guys Trade With?

Education is conducted in three ways. First, we have a 30 lesson course for you to make your way through (that is constantly updated and in expansion) Next you learn via osmosis through the weekly market reivews post (this is probably the best way to learn) And lastly, you are expected to grow in knowledge just by being around others that are experienced. ‎

What Is The Format Of Your Education?

The only thing we expect members to do is to use the content within the Tier 7 server effectively. ‎

Do You Expect Anything From Your Members?

If we can jump through the regulatory hoops required, where our NFT'S are not deemed a security, we will absolutely open an exclusive investment fund for all of our members. ‎

Will You Be Opening A Fund For Members?
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