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Metaverse Monkeys

"The Next Gen of Value Based NFTs"

Neo Matrix Monkey.png

999 Premium NFTS that each serve as a pass into an exclusive #Crypto wealth building network


Imagine that you walk into a millionaires lounge.

To sign up they ask for $1000. Life time membership.


"Of course!"  you say. And hand over the money.

They give you a complimentary diamond watch. Proof of your status. You put it on. It's shiny. It feels good.


Everyone marvels.


On your way home you receive a call. It's the boss....

"Sir by the way, If you want ever want to leave Millionaire lounge..never a problem! Just sell your membership to someone waiting for $1000+. No risk for you.

You can even sell it for $10,000 if the que is big....


 BUT if you do? will lose your membership benefits...and you must hand them back your watch"

You return home. Elated. Laughing. 


That watch is going no-where.

Welcome To The New Era Of NFT'S.

"Where membership is transformed into risk free ownership"


Ultra Rare MM

Introducing MM

MetaverseMonkeys are a collection of 999 AI generated NFT'S that are a leap forward in the Crypto membership industry.



Brought to you by Tier 7 each nft acts as a permanent pass into a network that has helped it's members make millions.  One that provides resources that heavily outweighs the mint cost & returns value to every holder ✔️ 


Our vision is to turn ever minter into an owner of a web3 diamond egg. A real asset boasting scarcity, utility, value & ownership. 

"Once sold out, the network is closed unless someone decides to sell their MM to you. But why would they want to?"


"I am with tier 7 since 2017, since day 1. All i can tell you is, this NFT might be the best investment you will make in your entire life"


Why Are We Different?

The problem about most NFT'S today? Their value is too speculative. MM's are different.


Hold your NFT with pride knowing it rewards you with access to exclusive IDO'S, world class training, investment ideas, research & access to a network full of wealthy investors.

No worries about 'buying worthless junk'.

No 'game that may come in the future'

No 'worry about a falling floor price'

No 'What if it's worthless'

"Pioneer NFT art that has purpose the moment you mint."

Diamond Grillz Monkey.png

Legendary MM

MetaverseMonkey Benefits

"Hold your NFT To Access A Powerful, Stacked, Network"

Futristic Monkey God.png
Futristic Monkey God.png

“The rich look for networks, whilst every-body else looks for work. One man understands speed & access. The other believes in hardship"

Falcon Monkey 1.png

Prominent MM

How Risk Is Eliminated

Artwork aside, if you choose to sell your NFT to someone else? This will also transfer your membership. Or you could keep it to yourself, for life & create scarcity.


Meaning? We have built an asset that re-defines the world 'risk to reward'

Aside from the art being a jaw dropping status symbol? Your entire experience can be free if you sell your pass to another waiting at the door.

"An investment with a built in hedge mechanism"

Mint Details


Mint Price

999$ in Solana


Mint Date

24th Nov - 5th Dec


Total Supply

 999 Unique Nfts

50% of unsold monkeys will be re-listed for $6000

50% of unsold Metaverse Monkeys will be burned

Phoniex 1.png

"Your entire life should be a continual process of building the strongest team possible. Lone wolves don’t get far. Anything worthwhile requires an army."

1st Gen Holder Power

1st Gen MM holders will be given priority access to the 2nd gen mint whitelist & get completely free access to all expansions of the Tier 7 Network.

If you do not have a 1st Gen pass you will need to pay $4000 to access the second gen expansion

Holding a 1st Gen MM also grants you free airdrops, is an obvious status symbol & lets you vote on how you want the space to be formed.

Strategic Network Partners

Our Strategic Partners Are Industry Communities, Projects or Individuals That Are Affiliated With Us To Boost Combined Network Power For Both Parties.

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 13.38.13.png

The Tier 7 Network



conquerors task force.jpg

Conquerors Task Force

photo_2022-10-20_14-51-19 (2).jpg

Crypto Hounds

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 14.04.43.png

The Backroom


Dainks Country Club


Poseidon Enteprise


Planet Vegeta


Trader X Enterprise


Legendary (40 Unique)

Your legendary rank life time pass into the Tier 7 network


Created By Tier 7 Network

Ice Legend.png

Legendary (40 Unique)

Your legendary rank life time pass into the Tier 7 network


Created By Tier 7 Network

Phoniex 1.png

Legendary (40 Unique)

Your legendary rank 1st gen pass into the Tier 7 network


Created By Tier 7 Network


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