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T i e r   7   C r y p t o

Trade Properly


Make Money

Spot and Derivatives Trading Led By Pro Crypto Traders

“I sign in for a market update, and sleep well knowing what to expect for the coming days. Primarily focused on risk management, with transparent and detailed trade setups so you can really learn and understand how its done. These guys know their shit 💯 ”



TIER 7 Testiomnial

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Forget Signals. You Need To Get Behind The Veil

Tier 7 is a Crypto trading living room that was made to display how to extract money out of the Crypto markets, using simple, step by step trading concepts.

We analyze. We create plans. We execute.

Founded by CryptoShadow over 2 years ago -  it is a room that documents this process for all to see. Tailored for higher time frame traders - we pride ourselves on being calm traders that follow strict risk management principles.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best platforms in the industry.



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Head Trader- Founder @ Tier 7.

- Strong verifiable track record

- 5 years + trading experience


Trading strengths:
Timing & consistency



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Market Scanner & Analyst
- History of finding great setups

- Known for his clean HTF views


Trading Strengths:
Presentation and Simplicity

About Us Anchor
Wha's Inside?

What's Inside?

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Transform from an average retail trader into an executive planner


Quality Market Analysis & Trade Prep


Community, Support & Education


Video Streams & Debriefs

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Trade Setups As We Take Them

Swipe open your phone and learn by osmosis as we capture money from the market

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Past Results
And Our Past Results Shows Why Our Opinion Matters

No outlandish claims.
Just consistent measurable growth.

Trade Ideas
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Become A Member Of Tier 7

Get Instant Access To A Community Of 80+ traders.


Join Us

(Please take your shield down if you are using brave)



Evidence of historical trades presented on request.

Full refund if it's not for you after 48HRS.
Full transparency on our results

  • What Is The Criteria For Joining Tier 7?
    We do not accept individuals with less than 6 months experience trading Crypto. We do not accept individuals with less than 25000$ to their name. Please understand this is to protect the integrity of our chat rooms & community.
  • What Time Frames Do You Trade? How long do you hold positions?
    Whilst we have a scalp room that is available for more advanced players... The majority of our own trades are conducted on the 4H time-frame to the weekly timeframe. 1. We use lower timeframes to trigger setups, but higher-timeframes to prepare. 2. We have trades with various holding times and it is up to the speed of the market to fufill our objectives. 3. This can be as little as 5 days and as long as 8 weeks. Our objective has evolved to only trade key market events, where asymmetry is the highest
  • Are You Scalpers? Is There Lower Time Frame Content?
    We do so occasionally, around 10% of the time. Due to the higher risk that comes from timing, volatility and liquidity - we have a room for loose scalping posts that our members like to hang out in. This is best used to interact with the other scalpers in our community.
  • Do You Give Signals? Is This A Signal Room?
    This is absolutely not a signal room. Whilst we do share our trades, you cannot join Tier 7 from the perspective for looking for signals. Not only do they not work but they encourage too much reliance. Tier 7 is an education platform first and foremost - and any trades we share are meant from this basis alone.
  • What's in your video debriefs? How often do you do them?
    Video debriefs are often posted according to the activtity in the market. Generally we do around 2-4 a week; as members have expressed that less is more in this aspect. These debriefs cover our positions, our macro outlook on the market & general pieces of education to be absorbed from the members via osmosis.
  • Where Can We See Your Pasts Results And Trading History?
    Past results and trading history can be seen on our website. Evidence of specific trade setups or deeper trade stats are available upon request.
  • What return can we expect per month?
    This is the wrong question to ask if for the least that there is no solid answer. Tier 7 was created to educate you first and foremost then after this reveal how we put our knowledge into action using analysis through to trade execution via systematic tabs. What you return per month is based on your experience, skill level, competence, education & timing. We are here to aid you, but your own results are your own results.
  • What format is the education in?
    Education comes in four formats: Osmosis: Members are expected to read all our analysis, watch our videos and see how we trade our setups. This is the strongest form of learning on our platform and it is where members will see the most benefit. Live streams: We give regular weekly live streams on particular trading subjects, re-watchable for 3 month subscribers Guidance: We offer regular guidance on our platform from our lead traders
  • Who Is This Platform Targeted At?
    This platform is for intermediate traders who like to trade over longer time horizons (have a growth expectancy in years not weeks) and that are looking to upgrade their knowledge through this lense. We provide content that helps the individual slowly leap from intermediate to experienced by displaying principles they need to be more profitable & then demonstrating this over time. It is however different person to person. - For person one, they will use this platform for confluence and idea seeking. - For person two, they would use this platform for education and trying to replicate how we see and trade things
  • Are Your Results Really Accurate?
    Our results are accurate as far as what we have posted in our server go, but they can be misleading. In order to answer this question appropriately we have written and in depth guide for you here.
  • How Much Capital Does The Team Often Trade With?
    Members of the team often have low to mid six figures regularly exposed in the market.
  • What Is A Good Capital Return Goal For Educated Members
    Once a member feels as if they are of a sufficient level, using the part time approach that we share , members should expect to return between 50 and 100% yearly (over an average of a series of years) Exceptional members will be able to trump this severely. At a capital basis of $30,000 we would expect a trained member to be able to take 15,000$ home each year. However we make absolutely no promises.
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