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A Crypto Room That Exagerates Quality
Stop 🔫 slinging & gambling your capital in hope of riches

HTF trade Setups

Our server is designed for traders investors needing a RELIABLE plug into and get composed view of the market

HTF Trade Ideas ✅
Chart Request On Their Trades ✅
Market debriefs every 48 hours ✅
A solid consistent feed of analysis on ALTS   ✅
And a solid market bias based on our system ✅

Crypto Can Be A Tough Market To Navigate

And most people complain that groups they join are not clear, transparent or describe the current market activity in a way they can understand.

Operating with high quality for years - Tier 7 is a remedy to this.  

Clear Presented Material
Formatted Top Down Approach
Trading Specific High Liquidity Assets 
With Similar Categorized Setups 
Using A Straight Forward Method 
To Trade Effectively
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Our Platform
4H-D Timeframes
1.5-3R Per Trade
Binance Traders
Trade Ideas + Analysis
Premium Trade Ideas

Fully Explained and Updated - Strictly 4HR - W timeframes

Market Debriefs

10 Minute Market Reviews To Have With Coffee.