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A Crypto Room That Exagerates Quality
Stop 🔫 slinging & gambling your capital in hope of riches

HTF trade Setups

Our server is designed for traders investors needing a RELIABLE plug into and get composed view of the market

HTF Trade Ideas ✅
Chart Request On Their Trades ✅
Market debriefs every 48 hours ✅
A solid consistent feed of analysis on ALTS   ✅
And a solid market bias based on our system ✅

Crypto Can Be A Tough Market To Navigate

And most people complain that groups they join are not clear, transparent or describe the current market activity in a way they can understand.

Operating with high quality for years - Tier 7 is a remedy to this.  

Clear Presented Material
Formatted Top Down Approach
Trading Specific High Liquidity Assets 
With Similar Categorized Setups 
Using A Straight Forward Method 
To Trade Effectively
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Our Platform
4H-D Timeframes
1.5-3R Per Trade
Binance Traders
Trade Ideas + Analysis
Premium Trade Ideas

Fully Explained and Updated - Strictly 4HR - W timeframes

Market Debriefs

10 Minute Market Reviews To Have With Coffee.

Market Debriefs

Market Debriefs

Watch Now
Save time by seeing what we are trading and why
Gain confluence on your market bias with our own
Learn the process of triggering trades via osmosis
Enhance your psychology before your trading day starts
High Quality Market Analysis

Regular and highly detailed analysis on the markets. Setups before they have triggered - requests and consistent tracking.