TIER 7 Trading Model

T7 Stands for a trading approach that has seven layers.

Each layer is a task in itself and is intended to be perfected.
Once all 7 are mastered - a trader is drastically improved. 

They will also improve ones life in general.
 The tiers are listed below:
T I E R  I  :  Approach

Right Psychology, Right Expectation, Right Understanding
All the above concern themselves with avoiding what does not work, understanding expectancy over time and what one needs to start trading (in terms of focus, time and money) 
T I E R  II: Map

Right analysis, Right Practice, Right Testing
All the above concern themselves with finding a method of analysis that suits your own trading type and that is reliable. It is then about practicing this method everyday and testing how it works over time.
T I E R  III: Preparation

Right Routine, Right Position, Right Preparation
All of the above concern themselves with following the correct pre and post trading routines, mastering risk management in terms of position sizing and learning how to prepare morning and evening for your trading day past and to come.
T I E R  IV: Right System

Right Ruleset, Right Position Size, Right Synthesis
All of the above concern themselves with generating a set of rules and knowing them off by heart. This will form what kind of setups you look for - why - what you do - what you do not do. It also delves further in learning to synthesize your position size with your rule system.
T I E R  V: Execution

Right Speed, Right Execution, Acceptance
All of the above concern themselves wtih understanding the kind of speed you require when executing positions, how to patient, how to cut losers, how to stay consistent and accepting the process as it comes. 
T I E R  VI: Review

Right Review, Right Elimination
All the above concern themselves with reviewing your work to know where you are going wrong ; and then eliminating the wrong area. Is it more winners? Or about reducing your drawdown.
T I E R VII: Guarding

Right Surrounding, Right Influence, Right Reminder, Right EC
All the above concern themselves with guarding the mind against conditions that may affect your decision process. It also concerns itself with everything that you can do to make sure your perception is always working similarly. Your surroundings, emotional control and mental reminders are key. 

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