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Metaverse Monkeys

"The Next Gen of Value Based NFTs"


999 Premium NFTS that each serve as a pass into an exclusive #Crypto wealth building network

Imagine that you walk into a cigar lounge.

To sign up they ask for $999. Life-time membership.


"Of course!"  you say. And hand over the money.

They give you a complimentary diamond watch. Proof of your status. You put it on. It's shiny. It feels good.


Everyone marvels.


On your way home you receive a call. It's the boss....

"Sir by the way, If you want ever want to leave our can! Just sell your membership to someone waiting at the door at any price you choose.

You can even sell it for $10,000 if the que is big....


 BUT if you do? You lose your  benefits...and your diamond watch"

You return home. Elated. Laughing. 


That watch is going no-where.

Welcome To The New Era Of NFT'S.

"Where membership is transformed into risk free ownership"

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Ultra Rare MM

Introducing MM

Metaverse Monkeys are a collection of 999 AI-generated NFT'S that are a leap forward in the Crypto industry.



Brought to you by Tier 7 each NFT acts as a permanent