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What's Inside Our Discord?


Where our holders connect daily with a high activity rate

〖☕〗guerilla- lounge

A lounge strictly for founders & legendary holders to discuss


A room for people to trade together and flex


Where our members declare upcoming narratives to watch

What Is Tier 7 (1/4)

The Tier 7 Network is a white-listed web3 network, full of high networth investors, builders & industry OG'S aiming to build on of the most powerful, sought after closed circles in our industry. One with three objectives

#1 Objective

Connect & combine the collective force of web3 industry professionals to capture big opportunities.

#2 Objective

Provide world class resources, tuned specifically to increase your wealth & prosperity in Crypto

#3 Objective

Provide assymetric benefits for all of our holders and strategic partners


What Is Inside The Tier 7 Network

Introducing a collaborative all in one, web3 behemoth
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