TEST : How to write weekly trade reviews.

Last month has been great. I've managed to secure +15% on my portfolio in a strangely choppy market. Market mechanics have tainted me at times; dangling the carrot of 'you are underperforming, go heavier'. Yet once I release my stoicism, this myth has just resulted in a loss. I have also had to dodge heavily handed, hidden opinions of the masses 'you should be more profitable' as people spam stupid shit all over twitter. But at the end of the day, it's about keeping my focus aligned. At times I have moved from consistency to inconsistency, but perfection at this stage is a myth. The profit curve is directional and patience is a reminder. Here was my best setup for the month (Which came within seconds) **LINKUSDT**

Setup was conducted after a market execution of a heavy position size right after a consolidating breakout. Unbeknownst of news, my positions was ripped through almost instantly. Quick 3 minute trade.

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