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Joining Tier 7

Like trading itself; it is important to be clear in a service about what it is and what it is not. When joining a trading group he/she should know what to expect.  When you know what to expect, it means the resource can be used as intended.

BEFORE we begin - By joining TIER7 - You agree that you have read our Disclaimer agree that you adhere with all it's principles.

The elephant in the room


Most traders come to private groups to get 'signals'. But is it really that simple? Copy and profit?

Maybe. But  to match us 1:1 you have to have the same:

• Timing
• Slippage

• Entry Point
• Position Size

• Mental Control 

• Laddering Out Of Exit

• Laddering Into A Position

• Hard stop management

• Soft stop management

• Same holding techniques


So whilst we will post our results; by no means does it you will replicate our results. Maybe you get more, maybe you get less, but but our platform is to be used to use the info we provide to aid in your own trading and to educate you.

That said.......what's our job?



Is to help educate and mentor. Through our live streams, our regular posts and through our video's. Your job is to put in the work and tune in regularly 


Is to use our experience, to filter out the market periodically & highlight trade idea's on the platform that members may find useful 


Is to present opportunities using our system; to adhere to high quality.Your Job is to trade on your own terms and use it as confluence



Is not to give you financial advice; but offer you an entertaining platform that is affordable & one you can grow as a trader on. There is absolutely no financial advice provided here



Is to promote the philosophy of Independence in trading; by being absolutely clear about both it's difficulty and guiding you through this difficulty. Accountability and mentorship. Your job is to use it.


Is to be there to help you when required. Your job is to ask the right questions.



"The purpose of Tier 7 Pro is to give you an affordable platform for you to use day to day to: 


Having others to trade with ✔️
Watching market reviews ✔️
Having somewhere to learn from ✔️
Having somewhere to be held accountable for ones trading ✔️
Having somewhere to plugin regularly ✔️
Having somewhere to share  ✔️
Having somewhere to get guidance ✔️
Using the platform to find trade idea’s ✔️
Finding a method ✔️

Logging in to watch live streams ✔️


It should be considered a 'Crypto Membership' in much the same way a bodybuilder would consider a 'Gym Membership'. And we only reccomend joining if the joining fee is affordable to you!

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